Homespun In Dixie

Affordable quality sewn garments, quilts, and more !

                             Welcome to Homespunindixie !                                  Where you can find quality sewn skirts, quilts,washrags and         more. If you would like to know what we have in stock in any         category, Contact us. We'll be glad to email you pictures of                                                     what's in stock.

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                         Hand Embrioded Ring Pillows ~  $15.00


                                   Ladies  Skirts ~$28.00

                     Quilts ~  $35.00 to $400.00

                 Crocheted Wash Rags ~$3.00

                          Girl's Skirts ~$10.00 to $15.00


  • "Their products are beautiful and well made! The quilts are absolutely amazing and the washcloths are fun! :)"
    Pleased and impressed
  • "I love their products! Modest skirts and cute potholders!Anyone who orders will not be disappointed!"
    happy and impressed